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TextRetrievalMode Object (Word)

Published: July 16, 2012

Represents options that control how text is retrieved from a Range object.

Use the TextRetrievalMode property to return a TextRetrievalMode object. The following example displays the text of the first sentence in the active document, excluding field codes and hidden text.

With ActiveDocument.Sentences(1).TextRetrievalMode 
 .IncludeHiddenText = False 
 .IncludeFieldCodes = False 
 MsgBox .Parent.Text 
End With

Changing the ViewType, IncludeHiddentText, or IncludeFieldCodes property of the TextRetrievalMode object doesn't change the screen display. Instead, changing one of these properties determines what text is retrieved from a Range object when the Text property is used.

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