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Enhanced Write Filter with HORM (Standard 7 Package Reference)


This package is a Feature Pack in the category Embedded Enabling Features. The name of the package as it appears on disk and for use with some command-line tools is WinEmb-Enhanced-Write-Filter.



BootStatusPolicy (WinEmb-Enhanced-Write-Filter)

Specifies which errors are displayed if there is a failed boot or a failed shutdown.

DisableDefragSvc (WinEmb-Enhanced-Write-Filter)

Specifies whether to turn the disk defragmenter service on or off.


Specifies the EWF configuration.


Specifies that the System Partition (BCD) is automatically added to the list of protected partitions.

ProtectedVolumes (WinEmb-Enhanced-Write-Filter)

Specifies all volumes that can be configured for protection by EWF.

EnablePrefetcher (WinEmb-File-Based-Write-Filter)

Specifies whether to use Prefetch, a tool that loads application data into memory before it is demanded.

EnableSuperfetch (WinEmb-File-Based-Write-Filter)

Specifies whether to use Superfetch. Superfetch improves on Prefetch by monitoring which applications you use the most and preloading those into your system memory so that they are ready when you need them.


Specifies whether to hide the evaluation copy notice during deployment.


Specifies the file name of one or more page files.


Specifies whether to use System Restore.

  • Enhanced Write Filter

Package Dependencies

This package depends upon the Enhanced Write Filter Boot Environment (Standard 7) package.

Group Dependencies

This package depends upon packages in the Windows Boot Environment group.

Optional Supporting Packages

You can select any number of packages from the following list:

The Enhanced Write Filter with HORM package depends on the Enhanced Writer Filter Boot Environment which conflicts with the Windows Boot Environment. You may run into this conflict under certain circumstances. For example, if you create a basic runtime image with eCore and choose to resolve dependencies, you are prompted to select either Windows Boot Environment or Write Filter Boot Environment as a required dependency. You select Windows Boot Environment and deploy the image. Later, you create a configuration set with Enhanced Write Filter with HORM and you add the Enhanced Write Filter Boot Environment because it is a required dependency. When you attempt to perform an online update of your image using Deployment Image Servicing and Management Command-Line Options and your configuration set, the installation will fail because of the conflict between the Enhanced Writer Filter Boot Environment and the Windows Boot Environment.
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