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Effects 11 Interfaces

This section contains reference information for the component object model (COM) interfaces of the Effects 11 source. The following interfaces are used with the Effects 11 source:

ID3DX11Effect Manages a set of state objects, resources and shaders for implementing a rendering effect.
ID3DX11EffectBlendVariable Accesses blend state.
ID3DX11EffectClassInstanceVariable Accesses a class instance.
ID3DX11EffectConstantBuffer Accesses constant buffers or texture buffers.
ID3DX11EffectDepthStencilVariable Accesses depth-stencil state.
ID3DX11EffectDepthStencilViewVariable Accesses a depth-stencil view.
ID3DX11EffectGroup Accesses an effect group.
ID3DX11EffectInterfaceVariable Accesses an interface.
ID3DX11EffectMatrixVariable Accesses a matrix.
ID3DX11EffectPass Encapsulates state assignments within a technique.
ID3DX11EffectRasterizerVariable Accesses rasterizer state.
ID3DX11EffectRenderTargetViewVariable Accesses a render target.
ID3DX11EffectSamplerVariable Accesses sampler state.
ID3DX11EffectScalarVariable Accesses scalar values.
ID3DX11EffectShaderResourceVariable Accesses a shader resource.
ID3DX11EffectShaderVariable Accesses a shader variable.
ID3DX11EffectStringVariable Accesses a string variable.
ID3DX11EffectTechnique A collection of passes.
ID3DX11EffectType Accesses effect variables by type.
ID3DX11EffectUnorderedAccessViewVariable Accesses an Unordered Access View.
ID3DX11EffectVariable Base class for all effect variables.
ID3DX11EffectVectorVariable Accesses a four-component vector.




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