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Set Live Sources

Expression Studio 4.0

In a Live Broadcasting Project, you can connect multiple camera devices to use as live video sources. You can use such sources as USB webcams or FireWire (IEEE 1394) digital video cameras. Although you can connect multiple live sources, you can stream only one at a time.

To set live sources

  1. Connect your camera device. Make sure that your system recognizes the camera and that it can display an image outside of Microsoft Expression Encoder.

  2. Make sure that the Live Sources tab is visible.

  3. Live Source 1 appears selected by default if this is the first time that you are starting a Live Broadcasting Project. If you do not see a source entry, at the bottom of the panel, click Add device source Add a source..

  4. In the Video Device menu, click the video device that you want to use. Once you choose your video device, the live image from that source appears in a window in the sources area.

  5. Click the Configure button under the video list to set options that may be specific to the chosen device.

  6. On the Resize Mode menu, choose how you want to display video whose source dimensions do not match the output dimensions. Choose Letterbox to maintain the aspect ratio and add black bars to the sides of the video, as appropriate. Choose Stretch to force the video to fit the output frame size.

  7. In the Audio Device menu, choose an audio device. Click Configure to set options specific to the device.

  8. To add another live source, click Add device source and repeat step 5 to configure the device. In the sources area, Expression Encoder displays the image captured by each subsequent live source that you configure.

  9. To edit configuration information for a device, click the appropriate Live Source button and repeat step 5. To remove a source, select it in the list and click Remove.


    You can remove any source from the list except Live Source 1.

To change the view of the sources

  • Click either Thumbnail View Thumbnail view button. or Details View Details View button. to display your source previews in that view.

To cue a live source

  • Click Cue in the source listing that you want to cue. The button will turn green to indicate that the source is cued.

To clear the source list

  • In the Device options menu, click Reset.

To toggle the display of the preview image

Do one of the following:

  • To hide or show all of the images, on the Device options menu Ff723872.c043ff11-e91a-4d07-bccb-0d6f50e7d3cb(en-us,Expression.40).png, click Hide/Show all preview.

  • To hide or show individual images, click Show/Hide Source Preview for each source preview that you want to hide or show.

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