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Bank Branch Client

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The Bank Branch Client is a smart client application that the bank distributes to the desktop of branch employees. The application integrates different systems that employees use in the day-to-day operation of the branch. The application exposes systems and features that are specific to the role of the user, and it displays an interface that is specific to the employee's role. This means that not all application features are available to every user. This reference implementation supports three different roles: Greeter, Officer, and Manager. Each application user is associated with a single role. When the user launches the application, the application identifies the user's role.

With the application, a branch employee enters relevant customer information a single time. The application submits the required customer information to the disparate systems as the branch employee accesses different services for the customer. This means an employee does not have to enter the same information multiple times when accessing different systems. The integration of information and services reduces the time required to fulfill a customer's request.

The application uses existing customer information, the current customer request, and bank product information to identify additional services likely to appeal to the customer. The application provides this information to the employee as the employee fulfills the customer's request.

Greeting the Customer

A Greeter launches the application and views an interface specific to the Greeter role. For example, the application displays an option to find an existing customer record. It does not display interface elements that do not apply to the Greeter role, such as the option to view account details. The Greeter uses the application to register each customer when the customer enters the branch. For a customer with an existing account, the Greeter looks up and verifies the customer's information and add the customer to the queue for service. As necessary, the Greeter can update existing account demographic information. For a visitor (a walk-in customer that does not have an account at the branch), the Greeter enters the customer's name and the reason for the visit into the application, and add the visitor to the queue for service.

Working with the Customer

An Officer uses the application to identify the next customer to serve and to service that customer's request. The Officer refreshes the list and selects the customer from the top of the list. The application displays the Customer 360 view for the selected customer. This view includes:

  • Customer demographic information.
  • Summary of accounts.
  • Customer relationship information (for example, a log of all contacts with the customer).

The application displays options that allow the Officer to access to the bank services and products. An Officer can create new accounts, manage existing accounts, and transfer funds within a specified limit.

The Bank Branch Client reference implementation does not implement all of these features.

Authorizing Requests

The Manager responds to an Officer's authorization request. The Manager uses the Officer's computer to authorize transactions that exceed a specified limit.


There are three different roles of bank employee that can participate in the process of servicing a customer: Greeter, Officer, and Manager.


The Greeter is the first point of contact for a customer that enters the branch. The Greeter's main task is to resolve the customer's inquiries and requests when they are within the role's authorized tasks; when the Greeter encounters a customer's request that he or she cannot resolve alone, he or she adds the customer to the waiting queue. The Greeter has access to a subset of customer information, limited to demographic information.


The Officer is a role from a bank's branch that has access to the complete customer information. The Officer's main tasks are:

  • To receive customer inquiries and provide answers.
  • To open new accounts.
  • To promote bank products and services.
  • To identify customer needs and refers them to appropriate banking services.
  • To enter details in customers' accounts.
  • To record transactions.
  • To issue bank checks.
  • To make sure that accounts are conducted correctly.

The Bank Branch Client reference implementation does support the entire set of Officer tasks.

Some account transactions have a limit. The Officer must have approval by a Manager to perform a transaction that exceeds the limit.


The Manager is a role from a bank's branch that is responsible for the branch's performance. The Manager monitors metrics for both individual employees and the branch as a whole.

A Manager can perform all of the duties of an Officer. The Manager is not limited to specific transaction amounts. The Manager can authorize transactions for an Officer that attempts to execute a transaction that exceeds the transaction limit.


The application contains a view that displays alerts. An alert is a notification of service offerings that are specific to the selected customer. The alert is provided by a host application that uses the current request, customer history, and current bank product offerings to identify additional services or products likely to benefit the customer. The application provides this information to the employee as the employee fulfills the customer's request.

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