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3.1 Common Details

The following state diagram illustrates the state transitions that both the client and the server go through.


Figure 5: Client and server state transitions

Channel-connected event: This event signifies that the underlying transport channel is connected, as specified in section 2.1.

Capability-exchange state: The client and the server are exchanging capabilities, as described in section

Exchange-completed event: Signifies that the capability exchange is completed, that is, the client has sent a Channel Created message (see section

Ready state: The protocol is ready to redirect new devices.

Add virtual channel event: As described in section, a new device has arrived on the client and the protocol is ready to redirect it.

Add device event: This event signifies that the device is ready for I/O, as described in section

Device I/O state: As described by section, the device is ready to exchange I/O.

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