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DENY Type Permissions (Azure SQL Database)

This topic is OBSOLETE. You can find the most current version in the SQL 14 Transact-SQL Reference.

This topic is not maintained. For the current version, see DENY Type Permissions (Transact-SQL).

Denies permissions on a type.

Syntax Conventions (Azure SQL Database)

DENY permission  [ ,...n ] ON TYPE :: [ schema_name . ] type_name
        TO <database_principal> [ ,...n ]
    [ CASCADE ]
    [ AS <database_principal> ]

<database_principal> ::= Database_user 
    | Database_role 
    | Database_user_with_no_login

This syntax diagram demonstrates the supported arguments and options in Microsoft Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database does not support the following options with this DENY statement:

  • <database_principal> options:

    • Application_role

    • Database_user_mapped_to_Windows_User

    • Database_user_mapped_to_Windows_Group

    • Database_user_mapped_to_certificate

    • Database_user_mapped_to_asymmetric_key

For more information about the arguments and this DENY statement, see DENY Type Permissions (Transact-SQL) in SQL Server Books Online.

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