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2.1.157 Part 1 Section 17.4.54, tblLook (Table Style Conditional Formatting Settings Exception)

a. The standard states there are six conditional formatting options that can be set in tblLook.

In addition to the six listed conditional formatting options, Word supports the following additional options and combinations:

0x00A0 - Allow NE Cell conditional formatting. This and the following bitmasks are combinations of two bits. These bits allow an intersection of the appropriate row and column.

0x0120 - Allow NW Cell conditional formatting.

0x00C0 - Allow SE Cell conditional formatting.

0x0140 - Allow SW Cell conditional formatting.

b. The standard specifies a set of attributes on this element.

Word reads the val attribute specified in "[ISO/IEC-29500-4] §14.3.11; Additional attribute for tblLook element (Part 1, §17.4.55)" if, and only if, none of the attributes specified in this subsection are present.

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