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The Office Open XML math run element r ("[ISO/IEC-29500-1] §; r") can contain:

A single Word 2003 XML rPr element

If the math run contains both an Office Open XML Math rPr element and a Word 2003 XML rPr element, the Office Open XML Math rPr element must occur first.

The Office Open XML math r element can also contain an unbounded number of elements from the following list:

Word 2003 XML fldChar element

Word 2003 XML noBreakHyphen element

Word 2003 XML pgNum element

Word 2003 XML pict element.

Note: Word is unable to recover the contents of the equationxml attribute if it includes a pict element.

Word 2003 XML softHyphen element

Word 2003 XML sym element

Word 2003 XML tab element

Those elements must occur after any rPr elements.

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