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DXGI Structures

This section contains info about the structures provided by DXGI.

DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC Describes an adapter (or video card) by using DXGI 1.0.
DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC1 Describes an adapter (or video card) by using DXGI 1.1.
DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC2 Describes an adapter (or video card) by using DXGI 1.2.
DXGI_DECODE_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC Describes a decode swap chain.
DXGI_FRAME_STATISTICS Describes timing and presentation statistics for a frame.
DXGI_FRAME_STATISTICS_MEDIA Used to verify system approval for the app's custom present duration (custom refresh rate).
DXGI_GAMMA_CONTROL Controls the settings of a gamma curve.
DXGI_GAMMA_CONTROL_CAPABILITIES Controls the gamma capabilities of an adapter.
DXGI_INFO_QUEUE_FILTER Describes a debug message filter, which contains lists of message types to allow and deny.
DXGI_INFO_QUEUE_FILTER_DESC Describes the types of messages to allow or deny to pass through a filter.
DXGI_INFO_QUEUE_MESSAGE Describes a debug message in the information queue.
DXGI_MATRIX_3X2_F Represents a 3x2 matrix.
DXGI_MAPPED_RECT A mapped rectangle that is used for accessing a surface.
DXGI_MODE_DESC Describes a display mode.
DXGI_MODE_DESC1 Describes a display mode and whether the display mode supports stereo.
DXGI_OUTPUT_DESC Describes an output or physical connection between the adapter (video card) and a device.
DXGI_OUTDUPL_DESC Describes the dimension of the output and the surface that contains the desktop image.
DXGI_OUTDUPL_FRAME_INFO Describes the current desktop image.
DXGI_OUTDUPL_MOVE_RECT Describes the movement of a rectangle.
DXGI_OUTDUPL_POINTER_POSITION Describes the position of the hardware cursor.
DXGI_OUTDUPL_POINTER_SHAPE_INFO Describes information about the cursor shape.
DXGI_PRESENT_PARAMETERS Describes information about present that helps the operating system optimize presentation.
DXGI_RATIONAL Represents a rational number.
DXGI_RGB Represents an RGB color.
DXGI_RGBA Represents a color value with alpha, which is used for transparency.
DXGI_SAMPLE_DESC Describes multi-sampling parameters for a resource.
DXGI_SHARED_RESOURCE Represents a handle to a shared resource.
DXGI_SURFACE_DESC Describes a surface.
DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC Describes a swap chain.
DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC1 Describes a swap chain including whether it supports stereo and how it scales.
DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FULLSCREEN_DESC Describes full-screen mode for a swap chain.


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