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The ProtectionElement and related fields encapsulate metadata required to play back Protected Content.

ProtectionElement (variable): An XML Element that encapsulates metadata required by the client to play back protected content.

ProtectionHeaderElement (variable): An XML Element that encapsulates content protection metadata for a specific content protection system.

SystemID (variable): A UUID that uniquely identifies the Content Protection System to which this ProtectionElement pertains.

ProtectionHeaderContent (variable): Opaque data that the Content Protection System identified in the SystemID field can use to enable playback for authorized users, encoded using Base-64 Encoding [RFC3548].

The syntax of the fields defined in this section, specified in ABNF [RFC5234], is as follows:

ProtectionElement = "<" ProtectionElementName S ">"
                    S 1*( ProtectionHeaderElement S?)
                    "</" ProtectionElementName ">"
ProtectionElementName = "Protection"
ProtectionHeaderElement = "<" ProtectionHeaderElementName S
                          ProtectionHeaderAttributes S ">" 
                          S ProtectionHeaderContent S?
                          "</" ProtectionHeaderElementName ">"
ProtectionHeaderAttributes = SystemIDAttribute
SystemIDAttribute = S SystemIDAttributeName S Eq S 
                    (DQ SystemID DQ) / (SQ SystemID SQ) S?
SystemIDAttributeName = "SystemID"
SystemID = "{" 
           4*4 HEXCODED_BYTE "-" 
           2*2 HEXCODED_BYTE "-" 
           2*2 HEXCODED_BYTE "-" 
           2*2 HEXCODED_BYTE "-" 
           6*6 HEXCODED_BYTE "-" 
ProtectionHeaderContent = STRING_BASE64 
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