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Monitoring Service Operation Failures

If analytic tracing is enabled for an application, service failures can easily be monitored in the event viewer. This topic demonstrates how to determine when a service operation fails, and how to determine what caused the failure.

Determining service operation failure information

  1. Open Event Viewer by clicking Start, Run, and entering eventvwr.exe.

  2. If you haven’t enabled analytic tracing, expand Applications and Services Logs, Microsoft, Windows, Application Server-Applications. Select View, Show Analytic and Debug Logs. Right-click Analytic and select Enable Log. Leave Event Viewer open so that traces can be viewed after the service operation fails.

  3. Next, open the sample created in the Getting Started Tutorial in Visual Studio 2010 Note that you must run Visual Studio 2010 as an administrator so that the service can be created. If you have the WCF samples installed, you can open the Getting Started Sample, which contains the completed project created in the tutorial.

  4. In the Program.cs file in the Server project, add the following line of code to the start of the Divide method in the CalculatorService class:

                if (n2 == 0) throw new DivideByZeroException();
  5. In the Program.cs file in the Client project, change the value assigned to value2 to zero:

                //Call the Divide service operation
                value1 = 22.00D;
                value2 = 0.00D;
                result = client.Divide(value1, value2);
                Console.WriteLine("Divide({0}, {1}) = {2}", value1, value2, result);
  6. Execute the server application without debugging by pressing Ctrl+F5.

  7. Open a Visual Studio command prompt. Navigate to the client directory and execute the client from the command line.

  8. In Event Viewer, disable and refresh the Analytic log and sort the events by Event ID. Look for an event with Event ID 219 - ServiceException, which describes the service failure.

    There was an unhandled exception of type 'System.DivideByZeroException' during message processing.  Full Exception ToString: System.DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero.
    Events are buffered when being sent to the event viewer; the failure event may not appear right away.

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