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2.2.7 [W3C-P3P1.0] Section 2.4.8, Asynchronous Evaluation


The specification states:

User agents MAY asynchronously fetch and evaluate P3P policies. That is, P3P 
policies need not necessarily be fetched and evaluated prior to other HTTP 
transactions.This behavior may be dependent on the user's preferences and the 
type of request being made. Until a policy is evaluated, the user agent SHOULD 
treat the site as if it has no privacy policy. Once the policy has been evaluated, 
the user agent SHOULD apply the user's preferences. To promote deterministic 
behavior, the user agent SHOULD defer application of a policy until a consistent 
point in time.

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Policies are downloaded only when the user requests to see the policy for a particular URI. To see policies, click the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Privacy tab.

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