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2.1.61 [CSS-Level2-2009] Section 12.4.1, Nested counters and scope


The specification states:

Counters are "self-nesting", in the sense that resetting a counter in a descendant 
element or pseudo-element automatically creates a new instance of the counter. 

Quirks Mode and IE7 Mode (All Versions)

Counters are not supported.

All Document Modes (All Versions)

Counters reset by a parent element are not used by the child elements when counting. The counter-increment property can only be used outside of pseudo-elements.


The specification states:

The 'counters()' function generates a string composed of all of the counters with 
the same name that are in scope, separated by a given string.

Quirks Mode and IE7 Mode (All Versions)

The counters() function is not supported.

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