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AddDelegateResponseMessageType Members

The AddDelegateResponseMessageType class contains the status and result of a call to the AddDelegate operation. This element was introduced in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

The AddDelegateResponseMessageType type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method AddDelegateResponseMessageType The AddDelegateResponseMessageType constructor initializes a new instance of the AddDelegateResponseMessageType class.
  Name Description
Public property DescriptiveLinkKey The DescriptiveLinkKey property is currently unused and is reserved for future use. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property DescriptiveLinkKeySpecified The DescriptiveLinkKeySpecified property is currently unused and is reserved for future use. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property MessageText The MessageText property gets a text description of the status of a response. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property MessageXml The MessageXml property gets additional error response information. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property ResponseClass The ResponseClass property gets the response status. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property ResponseCode The ResponseCode property gets the error code that identifies the specific error that the request encountered. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property ResponseCodeSpecified The ResponseCodeSpecified property gets a Boolean value that specifies whether the ResponseCode property is serialized into the SOAP response. (Inherited from ResponseMessageType.)
Public property ResponseMessages The ResponseMessages property gets or sets a collection of response messages. (Inherited from BaseDelegateResponseMessageType.)
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