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A type that provides a bidirectional iterator that can read or modify any element in a hash_map.

typedef implementation-defined iterator;

The iterator defined by hash_map points to elements that are objects of value_type, that is of type pair<const Key, Type>, whose first member is the key to the element and whose second member is the mapped datum held by the element.

To dereference an iterator Iter pointing to an element in a multimap, use the -> operator.

To access the value of the key for the element, use Iter -> first, which is equivalent to (*Iter).first. To access the value of the mapped datum for the element, use Iter -> second, which is equivalent to (*Iter).second.

A type iterator can be used to modify the value of an element.

In Visual C++ .NET 2003, members of the <hash_map> and <hash_set> header files are no longer in the std namespace, but rather have been moved into the stdext namespace. See The stdext Namespace for more information.

See example for begin for an example of how to declare and use the iterator.

Header: <hash_map>

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