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Visual Basic 6.0 function was upgraded to a different Visual Basic .NET function

Visual Studio .NET 2003

When a Visual Basic 6.0 application is upgraded to Visual Basic .NET, some functions are upgraded to functions that, although they behave the same, have a different name.

For example, the Erase function for fixed-length arrays upgrades to System.Array.Clear:

' Visual Basic 6.0
Dim a(10) As Integer
Erase a

' After upgrade to Visual Basic .NET
Dim a(10) As Short
' UPGRADE_NOTE: Erase was upgraded to System.Array.Clear.
System.Array.Clear(a, 0, a.Length)
Note   In some cases, a variable has to be renamed because the original name conflicts with a reserved word. For example, a variable named Day will be renamed Day_Renamed; Day was not a reserved name in Visual Basic 6.0, but it is in Visual Basic .NET.

What to do next

  • No further action is necessary. This note was added to make you aware of the changes to your code, because the code looks significantly different.

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