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EditPoint.OutlineSection Method

Creates an outlining section based on an edit point and the given text point or value.

Namespace:  EnvDTE
Assembly:  EnvDTE (in EnvDTE.dll)

void OutlineSection(
	Object PointOrCount


Type: System.Object

Required. Either a TextPoint object or an integer representing the number of characters.

If PointOrCount is a 32-bit integer, then OutlineSection creates an outlining section in the text from an edit point to the specified number of characters following the edit point. Each implied newline character at the end of each line counts as one character.

Sub OutlineSectionExample()
    ' Creates a text document with some text,
    ' and then puts the first two lines into
    ' outline view.
    Dim objTextDoc As TextDocument
    Dim objEditPt As EditPoint, iCtr As Integer

    ' Create a new text file.
    DTE.ItemOperations.NewFile("General\Text File")

    ' Get a handle to the new document and create an EditPoint.
    objTextDoc = DTE.ActiveDocument.Object("TextDocument")
    objEditPt = objTextDoc.StartPoint.CreateEditPoint

    ' Insert ten lines of text.
    For iCtr = 1 To 10
        objEditPt.Insert("This is a test." & Chr(13))
    Next iCtr
    ' Go to top of document and outline the first
    ' 31 characters (the first two lines).
End Sub

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