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Formats a message string using a variable argument list.

void FormatV(
   PCXSTR pszFormat,
   va_list args


Points to the format-control string. It will be scanned for inserts and formatted accordingly. The format string is similar to run-time function printf-style format strings, except it allows for the parameters to be inserted in an arbitrary order.
Pointer to a list of arguments.


The function requires a message definition as input, determined by pszFormat. The function copies the formatted message text and a variable list of arguments to the CStringT object, processing any embedded insert sequences if requested.

Note   FormatMessageV calls FormatMessage, which attempts to allocate system memory for the newly formatted string. If this attempt fails, a memory exception is automatically thrown.

For a description of these escape sequences and their meanings, see the Windows FormatMessage function in the Platform SDK.

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