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Expand All IUpdateServiceManager::RemoveService (Opnum 11)

The IUpdateServiceManager::RemoveService (opnum 11) method removes an update service from the update agent.

HRESULT RemoveService(
  [in] BSTR serviceID

serviceID: A string identifying the registered service to remove.

Return Values: The method MUST return information in an HRESULT data structure ([MS-ERREF] section 2.1). The severity bit in the structure identifies the following conditions:

  • If the severity bit is set to 0, the method completed successfully.

  • If the severity bit is set to 1, the method failed and encountered a fatal error.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol [MS-RPCE].

This method SHOULD trigger the update agent to remove the given service through an implementation-defined interface. The method SHOULD remove the given service from the Services ADM element.

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