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Business Analysis Objects

Commerce Server 2002

The Business Analysis Objects are used to build prediction models and create reports based on site data.

The Business Analysis Programming Concepts topic describes the components of the Predictor resource, the objects used to run DTS tasks, and objects used to create reports.


Visual Basic ReferenceC++ InvocationDescription
AsyncRpt2AsyncRpt2Provides asynchronous rendering and exporting of static reports.
DTSCacheWarmerDTSCacheWarmerPre-executes dynamic OLAP reports stored in the Data Warehouse in order for the query results to be cached on the OLAP server.
DTSCatalogImportDTSCatalogImportImports catalog data into the Data Warehouse.
DTSDeleteImportDTSDeleteImportDeletes log file data and summarized data from the Data Warehouse.
DTSIPResolutionDTSIPResolutionResolves Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from the imported user data.
DTSLogImportDTSLogImportDefines and imports Web log files into the Data Warehouse.
DTSMarketingImportDTSMarketingImportImports information about ad and discount campaigns into the Data Warehouse.
DTSPostImportDTSPostImportPopulates OLAP cubes with the data that was imported, prepares the imported data for report generation, and refreshes the OLAP cubes after a deletion.
DTSPredictorDTSPredictorRebuilds prediction and segment models.
DTSSyncAdminDataDTSSyncAdminDataSynchronizes the Data Warehouse with your Commerce Server application after you make changes to configuration settings.
DTSTransactionImportDTSTransactionImportRuns reports to analyze transaction data.
DTSUPMCustomTaskDTSUPMCustomTaskImports user profile data into the Data Warehouse.
PredictorServiceAdminPredictorServiceAdminAllows retrieval of prediction models and prediction model configurations.
PredictorServiceSiteAdminPredictorServiceSiteAdminAllows management of prediction models and prediction model configurations.
PredModelBuilderPredModelBuilderProvides properties and methods to control multiple build threads of prediction models.
ReportRenderer2ReportRenderer2Provides synchronous rendering and exporting of static reports.


Code to Build a New ModelDescribes how to build a new model.
Code to Control a Model BuildDescribes how to control a model build.
Code to Retrieve a List of Available Models and Model ConfigurationsDescribes how to enumerate the available models and model configurations.
Code to Rename and Delete a Model and a Model ConfigurationDescribes how to rename and delete a model and a model configuration.
Code to Load a Model and Set Default PropertiesDescribes how to load a model and set default properties for the model predictions.
Code to Predict ProductsDescribes how to expose "cross-sell" opportunities in user behavior with regard to product purchases.
Code to Predict User AttributesDescribes how to determine missing profile attributes about a user.
Code to Classify a UserDescribes how to classify a user into a behavior or profile-based group.

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