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LAPCancelVerifySequence (Compact 2013)


This optional function cancels an existing call to the verification sequence.

BOOL LAPCancelVerifySequence()


Returns TRUE after successfully cancelling the existing call, or FALSE otherwise. To provide more details about why the function failed, use SetLastError.

This API requests termination of the current verification sequence. It is called when applications call LASSClose during verification. When this API is called, the LAP attempts to terminate all verification dialogs.

This function can be called any time between calls to VerifyUserStart and VerifyUserStop. After this call, LASS will still call VerifyUserStop.

When implementing the LAP-exported function LAPCancelVerifySequence, it is important to ensure the function always returns a failure whenever the LAP has determined the verification was unsuccessful.
This function is called by the LASS, not the application. Therefore, no link library is exposed.



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