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Parallel Port Driver Registry Settings (Compact 7)


The following table shows the registry subkeys, values, and descriptions of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\Parallel parallel port driver registry key.

Subkey Value Description



If the driver exposes a stream interface, the entry point of the driver is constructed from the Prefix value. If there is no Prefix value the entry point is Init.



Indicates the DLL for the Bus Enumerator numerator loads to load.



Optional and hardware-platform dependent. Value between zero (0) and 255. The smallest Order value gets loaded first. If there is no Order value, the driver will get loaded after drivers with defined Orders.



Hardware-platform dependent base address of port-mapped I/O.



Hardware-platform dependent. Maps I/O space to virtual address in a memory mapped I/O system. This tells the system how much larger the address window is.



Hardware-platform dependent. SYSINTR_FIRMWARE plus the IRQ. IRQ5 for LPT2 or IRQ7 for LPT1.



Localization friendly name. The default value is "Parallel Cable on LPT1". This is defined during the localization phase in an .str file.

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