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make_shared (<memory>)

Creates and returns a shared_ptr that points to the allocated objects that are constructed from zero or more arguments by using the default allocator.

template<class Type, class... Types>
    shared_ptr<Type> make_shared(
        Types&&... _Args




Constructor arguments. The function infers which constructor overload to invoke based on the arguments that are provided.

Returns a shared_ptr that points to the allocated object.

The function creates the object shared_ptr<Type>, a pointer to Type(_Args...) as allocated and constructed by the default allocator allocator(). The following example shows how to create shared pointers to a type by invoking specific constructor overloads.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <memory>

using namespace std;

class SongBase
	std::wstring id;
	SongBase() : id(L"default"){}
	SongBase(std::wstring init) : id(init) {}
	virtual ~SongBase(){}

class Song : public SongBase
	std::wstring title_;
	std::wstring artist_;
	std::wstring duration_;
	std::wstring format_;
	Song(std::wstring title, std::wstring artist) : title_(title), artist_(artist){}
	Song(Song&& other)
		title_ = other.title_;
		artist_ = other.artist_;
		duration_ = other.duration_;
		format_ = other.format_;

		other.title_ = nullptr;
		other.artist_ = nullptr;
		other.duration_ = nullptr;
		other.format_ = nullptr;
		std::wcout << L"deleting " << title_ << L":" << artist_ << std::endl;

	Song& operator=(Song&& other)
		if(this != &other)
			this->artist_ = other.artist_;
			this->title_ = other.title_;
			this->duration_ = other.duration_;
			this->format_ = other.format_;

			other.artist_ = nullptr;
			other.title_ = nullptr;
			other.duration_ = nullptr;
			other.format_ = nullptr;
		return *this;

	bool operator ==(const Song& other)
		return this->artist_.compare(other.artist_) == 0  &&
			this->title_.compare(other.title_) == 0;


// we would need this helper function if we didn't have  
// make_shared<Song>(artist, title) available.
shared_ptr<Song> MakeSongPtr(wstring artist, wstring title)
	Song* s = new Song(artist, title);
	shared_ptr<Song> p(s);
	return p;

Header: <memory>

Namespace: std

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