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<iomanip> get_time

Extracts a time value from a stream using a desired format. Returns the value in a parameter as a time structure.

template<class Elem>
    T10 put_time(
        struct tm *_Tptr, 
        const Elem *_Fmt


The time in the form of a time structure.


The desired format to use to obtain the time value.

The function return value is the stream str.

The manipulator returns an object that, when extracted from the stream str, behaves as a formatted input function that calls the member function get for the locale facet time_get associated with str, using tptr to indicate the time structure and fmt to indicate the beginning of a null-terminated format string. If successful, the call stores in the time structure the values associated with any extracted time fields. The manipulator then returns str.

Header: <iomanip>

Namespace: std

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