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INamespaceProxy Interface

Handles NSC specifics for different bands.

INamespaceProxy Members

GetNavigateTarget Returns the ITEMIDLIST that should be navigated when an item is invoked.
Invoke Handles a user action on an item.
OnSelectionChanged Called when the user has selected an item.
RefreshFlags Returns flags used to update the tree control.
Reserved1 Reserved for future use.


This interface is not declared in a public header. Applications must define it themselves. The following Interface Definition Language (IDL) fragment describes this interface, including its IID.

    helpstring("Interface to handle NSC specifics for different bands."),
interface INamespaceProxy : IUnknown
    HRESULT GetNavigateTarget([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl, [out] PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE * ppidlTarget, [out] ULONG * pulAttrib);
    HRESULT Invoke([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl);
    HRESULT OnSelectionChanged([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl);
    HRESULT RefreshFlags([out] DWORD *pdwStyle, [out] DWORD *pdwExStyle, [out] DWORD *dwEnum);
    HRESULT Reserved1([in] PCIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl);

Interface Information

Stock Implementation ienamespacecontrol.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IUnknown
Header user-defined
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 8
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP3

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