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3.1 Server Details

Offline address book (OAB) messages are kept in folders in the public foldermessage store. There is one folder for each OAB, named for the OAB that it contains.

The server MUST publish the entry ID of the local site's Offline Address Book Data Folder ([MS-OXCSTOR] section when clients connect to the public folder message store, as specified in the public folder IDs of the RopLogon request and response syntax (as specified in [MS-OXCSTOR] section

In the folder for each OAB are subfolders that have a fixed name relative to the OAB version that is contained therein — either "OAB version 2", "OAB version 3a", or "OAB version 4". The messages that contain OAB files are posted to the "OAB version 2", "OAB version 3a", or "OAB version 4" folder, depending on their OAB version.

The OAB folders SHOULD be secure enough such that users cannot add, change, or delete the content in the folders, but administrative users can add, change, or delete the content. The server MUST allow administrative users to customize the security settings to grant read access to administrators or a selected set of users.

The server SHOULD discard old messages when they reach a specified age limit, to prevent the size of the folder from growing without bounds. The server SHOULD allow an administrative user to customize the age limit for messages.<8>

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