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1.7 Versioning and Capability Negotiation

This document covers versioning issues in the following areas:

  • Supported Transports: This protocol uses SOAP 1.1, as described in section 2.1.

  • Protocol Versions: This protocol specifies only one WSDL port type version. The RequestVersion element of the GetServiceConfigurationSoapInWSDL message, as described in section, identifies the WSDL port type version of the request. The ServerVersion element of the GetServiceConfigurationSoapOut WSDL message, as described in section, identifies the version of the server responding to the request.

  • Security and Authentication Methods: This protocol relies on the web server that is hosting it to perform authentication.

  • Localization: This protocol uses the MailboxCulture element of the GetServiceConfigurationSoapIn WSDL message to specify the culture of a mailbox.

  • Capability Negotiation: This protocol does not support version negotiation.

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