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Expand All Post-Transmit Processing of a Flagged Message

Once a message that has a value set for the PidTagSwappedToDoStore property (section has been sent, a client that supports sender flags or sender reminders takes the following actions.<19>

  • If the value of the PidTagSwappedToDoStore property matches the value of the PidTagStoreEntryId property ([MS-OXCMSG] section of the Message object, the client swaps the contents of the PidTagSwappedToDoData property (section and the primary flag storage location, with the exception that if the PidTagToDoItemFlags property (section is set to todoRecipientFlagged, then the dwToDoItem field of the PidTagSwappedToDoData property is set to todoTimeFlagged. After the operation, the previous contents of the primary flag storage location are now in the secondary flag storage location and vice versa. In addition, the PidLidValidFlagStringProof property (section is set equal to the PidTagMessageDeliveryTime property ([MS-OXOMSG] section

  • If the value of the PidTagSwappedToDoStore property does not match the value of the PidTagStoreEntryId property, the client clears the PidTagSwappedToDoData property.

In both cases, the PidTagSwappedToDoStore property is deleted.

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