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A Contact Address EntryID structure specifies a set of data representing recipients whose information is stored in a Contact object, as specified in [MS-OXOCNTC].











EntryIdBytes (variable)


Flags (4 bytes): This value MUST be set to 0x00000000. Bits in this field indicate under what circumstances a short-term EntryID is valid. However, in any EntryID stored in a property value, these 4 bytes MUST be zero, indicating a long-term EntryID.

ProviderUID (16 bytes): The Identifier for the provider that created the EntryID. This value is used to route EntryIDs to the correct provider and MUST be set to %xFE.42.AA.0A.18.C7.1A.10.E8.85.0B.65.1C.24.00.00.

Version (4 bytes): This value MUST be set to %x03.00.00.00.

Type (4 bytes): This value MUST be set to %x04.00.00.00.

Index (4 bytes): An unsigned integer value that MUST be a number from 0 through 5. This value represents which electronic address in the contact information to use. A value of 0, 1, or 2 represents Email1, Email2, and Email3 respectively, and a value of 3, 4, or 5 represents Fax1, Fax2, and Fax3 respectively. For more details, see [MS-OXOCNTC] section

EntryIdCount (4 bytes): An unsigned integer value representing the count of bytes in the EntryIdBytes field.

EntryIdBytes (variable): The EntryID of the Contact object that contains this address, which in turn has the format specified in section The size of this structure is specified by the EntryIdCount field.<4>

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