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R (1 bit): (mask 0x0080). If this flag is b'1', a different transport is responsible for delivery to this recipient (1).

S (1 bit): (mask 0x0040). If this flag is b'1', the value of the TransmittableDisplayName field is the same as the value of the DisplayName field.

T (1 bit): (mask 0x0020). If this flag is b'1', the TransmittableDisplayName (section field is included.

D (1 bit): (mask 0x0010). If this flag is b'1', the DisplayName (section field is included.

E (1 bit): (mask 0x0008). If this flag is b'1', the EmailAddress (section field is included.

Type (3 bits): (mask 0x0007). This enumeration specifies the type of address. The valid types are:

  • NoType (0x0)

  • X500DN (0x1)

  • MsMail (0x2)

  • SMTP (0x3)

  • Fax (0x4)

  • ProfessionalOfficeSystem (0x5)

  • PersonalDistributionList1 (0x6)

  • PersonalDistributionList2 (0x7)

O (1 bit): (mask 0x8000). If this flag is b'1', this recipient (1) has a non-standard address type and the AddressType field is included.

Reserved (4 bits): (mask 0x7800) The server MUST set this to b'0000'.

I (1 bit): (mask 0x0400). If this flag is b'1', the SimpleDisplayName field is included.

U (1 bit): (mask 0x0200). If this flag is b'1', the associated string properties are in Unicode with a 2-byte terminating null character; if this flag is b'0', string properties are MBCS with a single terminating null character, in the code page sent to the server in the EcDoConnectEx method, as specified in [MS-OXCRPC] section, or the Connect request type<6>, as specified in [MS-OXCMAPIHTTP] section

N (1 bit): (mask 0x0100). If b'1', this flag specifies that the recipient (1) does not support receiving rich text messages.

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