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named property: A property that is identified by both a GUID and either a string name or a 32-bit identifier.

named property set: A GUID that groups related named properties into a set.

navigation shortcut: An object that contains identifying information to locate a folder in a message database or an object that groups other navigation shortcuts.

Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP): A protocol for the distribution, inquiry, retrieval, and posting of news articles, as described in [RFC3977].

non-delivery report: A report message that is generated and sent by a server to the sender of a message if an email message could not be received by an intended recipient.

non-interpersonal messaging subtree: A hierarchy of folders at the root level not commonly visible in a client. This includes server and client-created folders used principally for containing operational metadata.

non-read receipt: A message that is generated when an email message is deleted at the expiration of a time limit or due to other client-specific criteria.

non-Unicode: A character set (1) that has a restricted set of glyphs, such as Shift_JIS or ISO-2022-JP.

normal message: A message that is not a folder associated information (FAI) message.

Note object: A Message object that represents a simple text note in a messaging store and that adheres to the property descriptions that are described in [MS-OXONOTE]. A Note object functions as an electronic equivalent of a paper sticky note.

Notes folder: A Folder object that contains Note objects.

NTLM message: A message that carries authentication (2) information. Its payload data is passed to the application that supports embedded NTLM authentication by the NTLM software installed on the local computer. NTLM messages are transmitted between the client and server embedded within the application protocol that is using NTLM authentication. There are three types of NTLM messages: NTLM NEGOTIATE_MESSAGE, NTLM CHALLENGE_MESSAGE, and NTLM AUTHENTICATE_MESSAGE.

NTLM software: Software that implements the NT LAN Manager (NTLM) Authentication Protocol.

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