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The PasswordRecoveryEnabled element is an optional child element of type boolean ([MS-ASDTYPE] section 2.1) of the EASProvisionDoc element (section that specifies whether the server supports storage of a recovery password to be sent by the client using the Settings command.

The PasswordRecoveryEnabled element cannot have child elements.

Valid values for PasswordRecoveryEnabled are listed in the following table.




Password recovery is not enabled on the server.


Password recovery is enabled on the server.

A recovery password is a special password created by the client that gives the administrator or user the ability to log on to the device one time, after which the user is required to create a new password. The client then creates a new recovery password. If the PasswordRecoveryEnabled element is set to 1 (TRUE), the server supports storage of a recovery password sent by the device. If the element is set to 0 (FALSE), the device SHOULD NOT send a recovery password, because the server does not support storage of the password.

If PasswordRecoveryEnabled is not included in a response, a client SHOULD treat this value as 0.

If the PasswordRecoveryEnabled element is included in a response, and the value of the DevicePasswordEnabled element (section is FALSE (0), the client SHOULD ignore this element. This element SHOULD be ignored if the client does not support recovery passwords.

Protocol Versions

The following table specifies the protocol versions that support this element. The client indicates the protocol version being used by setting either the MS-ASProtocolVersion header, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, or the Protocol version field, as specified in [MS-ASHTTP] section, in the request.

Protocol version

Element support










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