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1.1 Glossary

The following terms are defined in [MS-OXGLOS]:

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Binary XML (WBXML)
XML namespace
XML schema

The following terms are specific to this document:

WBXML code page: A map used to convert XML to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Binary XML (WBXML) that specifies the one-to-one relationships between the XML tags of a namespace and the tags' numeric representations called WBXML tokens. Each WBXML code page corresponds to an XML namespace.

WBXML token: A single-byte code that represents a specific XML tag.

MAY, SHOULD, MUST, SHOULD NOT, MUST NOT: These terms (in all caps) are used as defined in [RFC2119]. All statements of optional behavior use either MAY, SHOULD, or SHOULD NOT.

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