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A script is a set of instructions that are processed by using data collected by the template to produce a new e-mail address. The PidTagScriptData property ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.976) in the PropertyRow_r structure, as specified in [MS-NSPI] and [MS-OXNSPI] section 2.2.3, is a binary property that contains the information listed in the following table.

Parameter name







This parameter SHOULD<3> be included. Specifies the number of DWORD types of script data that follow.




Specifies a series of instructions and the data that accompanies them, as specified in sections through

This binary script data contains a series of instructions that can be executed to format an address and the data that is needed to execute those instructions. The first DWORD type contains the number of DWORD types of instructions, "N". The next N DWORD types are the instructions. The data that is referenced by the instructions immediately follows the instructions.

The script is used to create a string that contains the e-mail address from the data gathered from the dialog that was created from the template. To process the script, begin at the first DWORD type of ScriptData and process each instruction in turn. The result of the script is the result string. The result string MUST initially be empty and various instructions will append data to it. This string is the object's e-mail address and MUST only be used if the script does not end in error.

The instructions are specified in the following sections.

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