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Type: PtypBinary ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1)

The PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionRecur property ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.33) contains time zone information that specifies how to convert the meeting date and time on a recurring series to and from UTC.

The PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionRecur property contains one TZRule structure, as specified in section, that is marked with the TZRULE_FLAG_EFFECTIVE_TZREG flag, which specifies the effective time zone rule.

If the effective TZRule structure's lBias, lStandardBias, lDaylightBias, stStandardDate, and stDaylightDate fields are not equal to the corresponding fields in the PidLidTimeZoneStruct property (section, the PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionRecur and PidLidTimeZoneStruct properties are considered inconsistent. If the PidLidAppointmentTimeZoneDefinitionRecur property is not set or is inconsistent with the associated PidLidTimeZoneStruct structure, the values in the PidLidTimeZoneStruct property are used to determine the effective time zone rule.<10>

The fields in this structure are encoded in little-endian byte order.


Major Version

Minor Version




KeyName (variable)



TZRules (variable)


Major Version (1 byte): This field is set to 0x02.

Minor Version (1 byte): This field is set to 0x01.

cbHeader (2 bytes): An integer that specifies the number of bytes contained in the Reserved, cchKeyName, KeyName, and cRules fields.

Reserved (2 bytes): This field MUST be set to 0x0002.

cchKeyName (2 bytes): An integer that specifies the number of characters in the KeyName field.

KeyName (variable): A Unicode string that identifies the associated time zone. The string is not localized but instead is set to the unique name of the desired time zone. This string has a maximum length of 260 characters, and it is not null-terminated.

cRules (2 bytes): An integer that specifies the number of TZRule structures in the TZRules field. The minimum is 1; the maximum is 1024.

TZRules (variable): An array of TZRule structures as specified in section Each TZRule structure contains information that specifies a time zone, including the time zone's offset from UTC and when and how it observes daylight saving time. If more than one time zone rule (4) is specified, rules (4) are sorted in ascending order by the wYear field. The TZRule structures are not aligned to 32-bit boundaries. Each TZRule structure starts at the next byte after the previous TZRule structure ends. For details on the TZRule structure, see section (represented in little-endian byte order).

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