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3.1.5 Details


Figure 40: Display message steps

  1. The client logs on to the mailbox per the use case described in section 2.5.2.

  2. The client obtains the FID for the Inbox folder from the server as a result of successful logon.

  3. Based on the use case described in section 2.5.10, the client queries the message rows in the Inbox folder and sorts the rows by message date (the PidTagMessageDeliveryTime property, as described in [MS-OXOMSG] section in descending order. The resulting table contains a column for the MID (the PidTagMid property, as described in [MS-OXCFXICS] section

  4. The first row in the Inbox folder contents table contains information about the newest message. The client extracts the MID of the newest message from the PidTagMid property column.

  5. The client issues a RopOpenMessageROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section with the inbox FID and the MID returned. The Exchange server returns a handle to the opened message.

  6. The client issues a RopGetPropertiesSpecific ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section with the message handle to retrieve the body of the message (the PidTagBody property, as described in [MS-OXCMSG] section and other properties required for displaying the message.

  7. The client displays the message using the property values returned by the Exchange server.

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