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2.5 Use Cases

This section presents a number of use cases that illustrate the key functionality of Exchange servers. Due to the complexity of the Microsoft Exchange Server system, the following use cases are not comprehensive. However, they are structured around the core types of activity that a typical client conducts with the system, and they provide a high-level interaction summary between clients and servers.

To further illustrate the flexibility of the Microsoft Exchange system in supporting different types of clients, some use cases are divided into subsections that show how to implement the functionality via protocols that support different types of clients.

The use cases provide high-level detail regarding the goals, actors, and interactions for each scenario and also point to the related documents that provide necessary detailed information.

The actors, actions, and targets of the use cases are intentionally abstract, using generic terms such as "client", "server", "message", and "folder" rather than terms such as "Outlook" or "Inbox folder". The examples in section 3 present a number of scenarios that illustrate how one or more use cases can work in conjunction to achieve specific results.

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