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Determines the line numbers of the compiland that the specified line number in a source file lies within or near.

HRESULT findLinesByLinenum ( 
   IDiaSymbol*           compiland,
   IDiaSourceFile*       file,
   DWORD                 linenum,
   DWORD                 column,
   IDiaEnumLineNumbers** ppResult


[in] An IDiaSymbol object that represents the compiland in which to search for the line numbers. This parameter cannot be NULL.


[in] An IDiaSourceFile object that represents the source file to search in. This parameter cannot be NULL.


[in] Specifies a one-based line number.

Note Note

You cannot use zero to specify all lines (use the IDiaSession::findLines method to find all lines).


[in] Specifies the column number. Use zero to specify all columns. A column is a byte offset into a line.


[out] Returns an IDiaEnumLineNumbers objta that contains a list of the line numbers retrieved.

If successful, returns S_OK; otherwise, returns an error code.

The following example shows how to open a source file, enumerate the compilands contributed by this file, and locate the line numbers in the source file where each compiland starts.

void ShowLinesInCompilands(IDiaSession *pSession, LPCOLESTR filename)
    IDiaEnumSourceFiles* pEnum;
    IDiaSourceFile*      pFile;
    DWORD                celt;

    pSession->findFile ( NULL, filename, nsFNameExt, &pEnum );
    while ( pEnum->Next ( 1, &pFile, &celt ) == S_OK ) // for each file
        IDiaEnumSymbols* pEnumCompilands;
        IDiaSymbol* pCompiland;

        pFile->get_compilands ( &pEnumCompilands );
        // for each compiland
        while ( pEnumCompilands->Next ( 1, &pCompiland, &celt ) == S_OK )
            IDiaEnumLineNumbers* pEnum;
            // Find first compiland closest to line 1 of the file.
            if (pSession->findLinesByLinenum( pCompiland, pFile, 1, 0, &pEnum ) == S_OK)
                IDiaLineNumber *pLineNumber;
                DWORD lineCount;
                while ( pEnum->Next(1,&pLineNumber,&lineCount) == S_OK)
                     DWORD lineNum;
                     if (pLineNumber->get_line(&lineNum) == S_OK)
                          printf("compiland starts in source at line number = %lu\n",lineNum);
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