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Playlist (JSON)

A list of tracks and their metadata.


The Playlist object has the following specification.

IdstringIdentifier for this piece of content. All Ids are of the form {namespace}.{actual identifier} and may be used in any API accepting an ID as input.
NamestringThe name of this piece of content.
ImageUrlstringA direct link to the default image associated with this piece of content. See ImageUrl for details about how these links may be customized to produce different images.
LinkstringAn HTTP link that redirects to a contextual page for this piece of content on the relevant Xbox Music client application, depending on the user's device or operating system. See DeepLink for details about how these links work and how they should be modified for revenue-sharing.
OtherIdsDictionary<string, string>An optional collection of IDs on top of the main ID, which identify this piece of content. Each key is the namespace or sub-namespace in which the ID belongs, and each value is a secondary ID for this piece of content
SourcestringAn indication of the data source for this piece of content. Possible values are Collection and Catalog.
TrackCount32-bit signed integerNumber of tracks currently in the playlist.
DescriptionstringA short description of the playlist.
OwnerstringGamertag of the owner of the playlist.
IsReadOnlyBoolean valueWhether the playlist can be edited or not.
IsPublishedBoolean valueWhether the playlist is publicly visible or not.
UserIsOwnerBoolean valueWhether the current user is the actual owner of the playlist.
TracksPaginated list of TrackA paginated list of the tracks in the playlist. In case of a browse, this list is null, and you'll need a lookup on that playlist to get its tracks.

Sample JSON syntax

        "TrackCount": 2,
        "UserIsOwner": true,
        "Tracks": {
          "Items": [
        "Id": "music.AQM2egu7ioD-AI-GF3usCeHQ",
        "Name": "Playlist1",
        "Link": "http://music.xbox.com/Playlist/bb0b7a36-808a-00fe-8f86-177bac09e1d0?partnerID=AwesomePartner",
        "Source": "Collection"

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