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Lync developer roadmap

Learn what types of development tasks can be accomplished by using the various Lync products and technologies.

Last modified: April 24, 2014

Applies to: Lync 2013 | Lync Server 2013

Welcome to the developer roadmap for Lync. This roadmap provides information about the development technologies that are available for use with Lync 2013 and Lync Server 2013 as well as earlier versions of these products. Use this roadmap to determine which development technology is right for you.

Development areas and applicable Lync products and technologies

Development task

Lync 2013 SDK – Client apps

Lync Server 2013 SDK – Server apps

UCMA 4.0 – Middle-tier apps

UCWA 1.0 – Web and mobile apps

App sharing

Get started with desktop, application, and display sharing

Conversation audio

Get started with Lync conversations

Calls, flows, conversations, and MCU sessions

addPhoneAudio resource

Conversation video

Use the Lync 2013 API to create a conversation window

audioVideo resource

Conference video management

Conference scheduling and management

Call parking, transferring, holding, or forwarding

How to: Park and unpark a Lync audio conversation

Telephony call controls

Conference call routing

AudioVideoCall.AudioVideoMcuRouting property

Call recording

Recorder class


What you can do with Persistent Chat

PersistentChatConfiguration class

Custom client user interface

Lync 2013 UI customization

UCWA 1.0 interactive demo

Customizing the conversation window

Lync Conversation Window Extension


Start and manage a Lync meet-now meeting

Conference features

Online meeting tasks

Contact & group management

Lync contact lists

Contact center

People dashboard

Content sharing

Content sharing

Contextual communication

Contextual conversations

Contextual communication

Extending bot presence subscription to PIC clients

How to: Show automaton presence to PIC clients

Message modification and routing

Scenarios for using the Lync Server 2013 API

Message filtering

Writing a Message Filter Script


How to: Start a Lync IM conversation

Incoming message dispatching

Communication tasks


Enhanced presence, What you can do with enhanced presence

How to: Enable custom privacy settings

Publishing presence, Subscribing to presence

People tasks

Service discovery

Trusted service discovery

Speech recognition and synthesis

Voice companion

User impersonation

User impersonation

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