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Troubleshooting: "Active Directory" item is missing or not available

Updated: April 11, 2014

Many of the instructions for using Azure Active Directory features and services begin with "Go to the Azure Management Portal and click Active Directory." But what do you if the Active Directory menu item does not appear or it is marked Not Available? This topic is designed to help. It describes the conditions under which Active Directory is does not appear or is unavailable and explains how to proceed.

Typically, an Active Directory item appears in the left navigation menu. The instructions in Azure Active Directory procedures assume that this item is in your view.

Active Director item in left navigation menu

The Active Directory item appears in the left navigation menu when any of the following conditions is true. Otherwise, the item does not appear.

  • The current user signed on with a Microsoft account (formerly known as Windows Live ID).

    - or -

  • The Azure tenant has a directory and the current account is a directory administrator.

    - or -

  • The Azure tenant has at least one Azure AD Access Control (ACS) namespace. For more information, see Access Control Namespace.

    - or -

  • The Azure tenant has at least one Azure Multi-Factor Authentication provider. For more information, see Administering Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Providers.

To create an Access Control namespace or a Multi-Factor Authentication provider, click +New, click App Services, and then click Active Directory.

To get administrative rights to a directory, have an administrator assign an administrator role to your account. For details, see Assigning administrator roles.

When you click +New and then App Services, an Active Directory item appears. Specifically, the Active Directory item appears when any of the Active Directory features, such as Directory, Access Control, or Multi-Factor Auth Provider, are available to the current user.

However, while the page is loading, the item is dimmed and is marked Not Available. This is a temporary state. If you wait a few seconds, the item becomes available. If the delay is prolonged, refreshing the web page often resolves the problem.

Active Directory is unavailable

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