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Debug.msUpdateAsyncCallbackRelation Function

Updates the relationship status between a synchronous work item and the associated asynchronous operation.

Debug.msUpdateAsyncCallbackRelation(relatedAsyncOperationId, relationType)


Required. The ID associated with the asynchronous operation.


Optional. The value that specifies the relationship status.

The synchronous work item is typically the callback function for the asynchronous operation. This function may be called when an asynchronous operation is aborted, when a join operation is used, or in other scenarios.

The possible values for relationType include:






For more information, see Debug Constants.

Note Note

Some debugging tools do not display the information sent to the debugger by this function.

Supported in the Internet Explorer 11 standards document mode. Also supported in Store apps (Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1). See Version Information. Not supported in the following document modes: Quirks, Internet Explorer 6 standards, Internet Explorer 7 standards, Internet Explorer 8 standards, Internet Explorer 9 standards, Internet Explorer 10 standards. Not supported in Windows 8.

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