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texture::row_pitch Data Member

Visual Studio 2013

Gets the number of bytes between each row in a 2D or 3D staging texture on the CPU.

__declspec(property(get=get_row_pitch)) unsigned int row_pitch;

This property contains the number of bytes between each row in a 2-dimensional staging texture, or between each row of a depth slice in 3-dimensional staging texture. Given the address of any element in the first row of the texture or depth slice, you can add row_pitch to calculate the address of the same element in the second row of the same texture or depth slice, and similarly for subsequent rows. The value of row_pitch compensates for the size of the texture elements as well as any additional padding that might exist between rows within the texture or depth slice. The value of row_pitch does not compensate for any additional padding between depth slices in a 3-dimensional texture, and can’t be used to move between depth slices; to move between depth slices, use the texture::depth_pitch Data Member instead.

Header: amp_graphics.h

Namespace: concurrency::graphics

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