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accelerator::set_default_cpu_access_type Method

Visual Studio 2013

Set the default cpu access_type for arrays created on this accelerator or for implicit memory allocations as part of array_views accessed on this this accelerator. This method only succeeds if the default_cpu_access_type for the accelerator has not already been overriden by a previous call to this method and the runtime selected default_cpu_access_type for this accelerator has not yet been used for allocating an array or for an implicit memory allocation backing an array_view accessed on this accelerator.

bool set_default_cpu_access_type(
   access_type _Default_cpu_access_type


The default cpu access_type to be used for array/array_view memory allocations on this accelerator.

A boolean value indicating if the default cpu access_type for the accelerator was successfully set.

Header: amprt.h

Namespace: concurrency

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