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Planning for market and language

The Windows Store supports a specific set of markets and languages. Because this set is a subset of all available Windows languages, a market category labeled Rest of World is available. Here you'll learn how this works in the Windows Store so that you can plan your app listing content accordingly.

When you choose a market for your app in the Windows Store, it means that the app is available for users in that market. For example, if the US market is chosen but not the UK market, users who have registered their location as UK when they set up their Windows 8.1 PC will not see that app.

In the Windows Store, the concept of market is separate from the concept of language. There is no dependency between market and language settings; during submission you can change your selection in either of these sections as appropriate for your app listing.

For each language you select in the list during app submission, a description page is created for you to fill out. For example, if you select English and German, two description pages will automatically be created for your app listing in the Windows Store. You must fill out each description page in that selected language before your submission is complete. Before you start app submission, it's a good idea to think about the language description pages for your app and plan your language-specific content and images accordingly.

Here's a scenario to illustrate the difference between market and language, and how they're used in the Windows Store.

Example scenario

On behalf of her company, Janet is going to submit desktop apps to the Windows Store. The desktop apps developed by her company are already available for purchase on her company’s website. Although these apps are localized into only eight languages plus English, they are sold worldwide. During the submission process, Janet selects all of the availableWindows Store markets, including Rest of World. She chooses nine languages for her app so that she can create a description page for each localized version of her app.

Because she has selected all markets, Janet's apps will be available to all Windows 8.1 users regardless of the location that the users specified when they set up their Windows 8.1 PC. The product description page seen by each user will coincide with that user's chosen language, and will follow the standard fallback rules in the Windows Store for users in markets outside of those that correspond to the nine languages that Janet chose.

It’s important to remember that Rest of World includes all allowable markets. You cannot pick and choose markets within this category, so if you select Rest of World, your app listing will be seen in all markets that the Windows Store is allowed to sell in.

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