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Provide age rating info

You must choose an age rating for listing your desktop app in the Windows Store. Refer to age ratings and rating boards to guide you in choosing an age rating for your app in the Windows Store.

Age rating and rating certificates

If you are listing a game in the Windows Store, the following are materials are also applicable:

  • Ratings certificates

    You must also upload any applicable ratings certificates for your app that have been provided by the rating boards specific to the regions your app will be marketed in.

  • Game Definition File (GDF)

    Create a Game Definition File (GDF)—an XML file— using the Game Definition File Maker tool, and you must upload the version of the GDF that corresponds to your game app. See Create a GDF file to learn more about working with the Game Definition File Maker tool, info about the GDF schema, and how a GDF is created.

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