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The Translator Web Widget

Easily use the Translator Web Widget for basic website translation scenarios. Simply copy and paste a code snippet anywhere in your html, and get instant website translation capabilities.

Visitors to your site can then view your website in their own language using the widget. They can also contribute to enhancing the translations on your site by suggesting improvements to translated sentences. This is done by hovering over a translated sentence and clicking on 'Improve Translation". For more information on this feature, go to Using Collaborative Translations Framework (CTF) through the Widget.

You, as a webmaster, can decide to exclude specific site content from translation by the widget, so that this content always remains in the original language. You can do this through the use of the custom attribute translate=no or class=notranslate. Any element with either of these set will be excluded from the widgets translation, giving you control over your content.

The The Translator Widget Adoption Portal provides standard customization options for the Translator Widget. You can customize the widget even more, programatically. Go to the Translator Web Widget API page for more information.

To begin using the Translator Web Widget, go to The Translator Widget Adoption Portal.

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