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d3d_access_lock Function

Visual Studio 2013

Acquire a lock on an accelerator_view for the purpose of safely performing D3D operations on resources shared with the accelerator_view. The accelerator_view and all C++ AMP resources associated with this accelerator_view internally take this lock when performing operations and will block while another thread holds the D3D access lock. This lock is non-recursive: It is undefined behavior to call this function from a thread that already holds the lock. It is undefined behavior to perform operations on the accelerator_view or any data container associated with the accelerator_view from the thread that holds the D3D access lock. See also scoped_d3d_access_lock, a RAII-style class for a scope-based D3D access lock.

void __cdecl d3d_access_lock(
   accelerator_view &_Av


The accelerator_view to lock.

Header: amprt.h

Namespace: concurrency::direct3d

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