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Set up a SQL Reporting service on Azure

Updated: May 9, 2014

SQL Reporting will discontinue service on October 31, 2014. See this FAQ for details. For reporting on Microsoft Azure, visit Virtual Machines on WindowsAzure.com.

SQL Reporting is an online service that provides report execution and rendering of report definition language (RDL) reports stored on Azure. After you set up the service, you can build RDL reports and upload them to SQL Reporting. From there, reports can be viewed from web pages that you create, from custom applications, or from a report URL that opens in a browser.

As a service, SQL Reporting is derived from the on-premises SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report engine. If you have previously built and hosted reports before using SSRS, most of the tasks related to content administration tasks will seem familiar. Report authoring, upload, setting permissions, and item management in the report server folder hierarchy are virtually identical between the on-premises and online version of the report server.

Use the following link for step by step instructions and guidance on setting up the service: Create a Reporting Service (Azure SQL Reporting)

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